Teleport to Talk

Virtual Reality : Concept : 3D Modeling : Unity

VR can bring us closer together. Even if we’re separated by a 100 miles, VR can make us feel like we’re in the same room. That’s an advantage I’m willing to use and share.
That’s why I created a prototype, which allows you to talk to a second person in VR. This application is part of my bachelor thesis, in which I did explored the question: How will VR change our communication habits? How can VR help us communicate?

My conclusion: Once VR is easily accessible by the broad mass, it will revolutionize, how we speak to each other across great distances. When we take a look at history, from written letters, to phone calls to video chats one can observe that we’re getting closer and closer to face-to-face conversations without the requirement of being in the same room. That’s what VR does. It teleports you to the person you want talk to.

As our words are only a small part of the message we’re sending, the app transfers non-verbal messages as well. Our body language tells even more, than the words we’re saying. That’s why the app transfers as many non-verbal expressions as possible.


Leap Motion installed on the headset's front records the hands movements via infrared. The app interprets the infrared images into 3D coordinates and transfers it to the conversation partner. That means there's less data than in a video chat being sent from one user to another.

Working process